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spray painted products

Spray Painting

Offering both manual and automated spray painting methods in a multitude of coatings that are both decorative and/or functional. We have extensive experience in the application of solvent based, water based and EMI coatings to both parts requiring masking those that do not.

Pad Printing

Providing single color, multi color, close tolerance, small image, large image, long image and multi level printing. Printing as few as one part to several million.

pad printed products
screen printed products

Screen Printing

Capabilities to provide single color images to very complex process color images. We print not only sheet stock, but also print extruded profiles and injection molded parts. Utilizing both conventional and UV Inks.


From the simple application of a pressure sensitive adhesive to complete assemblies we can assist in any or all of your assembly needs.

assembled products
EMI shielded products

EMI Shielding

Applying functional coatings such as copper, nickel, silver and combinations of these materials to products is yet another service we can provide.

Decorative Overlays

Screen printing UV Inks on the second surface of materials such as poly carbonate and applying a die cut pressure sensitive adhesive will provide you with an overlay that will last a lifetime.

decorative overlayed products
UV hardcoating

UV Hardcoating

Spray applications of conductive coatings, non-conductive coatings, reflective coatings, UV coatings, CARC and organic hard coatings serve a number of industrial markets.



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